About Beauty Avenue Ladies Salon

No fear – just fabulousness.

Welcome to Beauty Avenue Ladies Salon

Beauty Avenue Ladies Salon is named so due to our vision to be on the right path in our work. We open our arms to provide you the most fabulous looks and styles in terms of hair, nails, and makeup.

Our crew consists of Vidal Sassoon-trained stylists, and we provide two chairs at three locations so we can fit you in when and where you need us. Empowered, Portland women are busy. And since 2008, we’ve loved being a part of your looks – and your lives.

You are beautiful, and your beauty deserves to be exposed to the world. Beauty Avenue Ladies Salon keeps you bright, and helps you have the look you always keen on, and creates your superpower. Make sure that Beauty Avenue Ladies Salon is the place where success is the norm, not the exception.

Putting the Beauty in B Corp.

As the first B-Corp certified salon in the United Arab Emirates, our social responsibility increases. Therefore, we were serious about creating a business that helps stylists create careers, not just jobs.
A B Corp is a certification process for a company where you have to reach minimums that will protect the environment, give back to the community and give back to your workforce by creating living-wage jobs and sustainable career paths.
Therefore, getting to our salon means you are coming to the stylists who thrive to excel in your beauty. Their extensive training and high experience pave the way to show off their art and the fabulous styles they create.

Sustainable salons & stylists mean:

- Mandatory volunteer work
- Enrolling stylists in personal finance classes
Stylists getting paid time off
- Working really hard to be as sustainable even though we work with chemicals

We spare no efforts to give you the magical style, so we carefully select the product we use. Further, Beauty Avenue Ladies Salon is always available for consultation, as our talented devoted stylists have a just background.